Alamo Bay Inn Review

Alamo Bay Inn Review

This is my personal experience about Alamo Bay Inn. I booked rooms in Alamo Bay Inn last March 2017, I stayed there for 5 days. Finding Alamo Bay Inn is not hard, just tell the driver you're going to CRAFTS department store. You'll see a path heading to the market just turn on your first left, keep walking for about 2 minutes and you'll see the black gate.

*The price is cheap (1200php) considering the fact that it's just 7 minutes walk away from the beach.
*The staff are really nice. Always smiling.
*Nice cable TV
*Clean room.

*The bed is too stiff.
*The air conditioning doesn't cool properly (it's as if its in high fan even though it's at max)
*The smell of the room smells like we cement.
*You can take long showers without flooding the room 'cause the bathroom has no stoppers. (it really pissed me off)
*The staff has no urgency, they're so lax. Tough they are nice, you get a feeling that there just there to relax and watch TV. I asked for a towel early in the morning, the lady in the front desk said "I'll give it to you later sir" when I got back late in the evening,...lo and behold...there was no towel. I had to ask her again. And when I asked how to get to the airport with no effort the staff said "I don't know".
*No breakfast.

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Would I recommend this hotel for budget travelers? Yes, I would. I mean you won't stay in the hotel forever, you're just to sleep going to sleep there and leave your bags. Though there are more cons than pros but if you're on a budget, it's still a nice place to crash in for a couple of days.
In a scale 1 to 5 and 5 being I would really recommend it and 1 is I definitely won't, I'd give it a 3.

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