Skyrise Hotel Baguio Review

Skyrise Hotel Baguio Review

We went to Baguio last April 2014 for the holy week and we stayed in Skyrise Hotel in Baguio near Grotto,
and here's what I think.

(This is Skyrise Hotel on the outside)

There are two building and both are not really high rise building. It's only called Skyrise because of the floors they call second floor 6th flr, third floor 7th flr. There's levels of basement though, not sure why.
We rented a two bed room, and asked for a folding bed. The room costs 2200php a night (that's like $44), and the extra bed is 300php,with blankets and a pillow($7 all in). It's a little expensive probably because it's
a holiday. The view from the second floor is nice you'll be able to see Baguio City from there.

(This is the lobby, there's Wifi in the lobby by the way)

It is not a luxury hotel just so you know. It's a cheap hotel with hard water on the bathroom walls, the TV is ancient, no air-condition, and the paint on the wall is dirty, there was also a problem with the toilet flush. It's a real crappy place if you ask me, and expensive too, for a crappy place. I would just pay $12 a night in that hotel nothing more. The place looks kinda old and gloomy like in some old hospital.

The people there are super nice though, everybody's and courteous, they would greet you and smile genuinely.

Overall I suggest not to stay in Skyrise hotel because of their facility.  I suggest they upgrade since the location is nice and has deffintly potential.

Skyrise Hotel Baguio Review

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