Growing up in a Tropical place

I grew up in Masbate Philippines, 800 meters away from the beach, I can say I didn't appreciate what I had when I was young. I grew up in a quiet town of Ibingay,..It's a type of community where everybody knows everybody and you get around by walking, bicycle or motorcycle I rarely saw cars growing up. When I was a little boy, I would usually sit at our porch and watch kids walk to school,. and in the afternoon me and my little sister would usually play in our backyard and eat bilimbi, guava, chico and other fruits we could find in our backyard..and oh..I forgot to mention, our backyard was more like a forest than a garden. We had all sorts of trees at our backyard.

Relaxed and peaceful, that was my life growing up.

In the afternoon, fishermen would walk around town to peddle their catch, everything cheap and fresh. I remember my grandfather bargaining for a price of a big fish. What they sold  wasn't limited to fish though, they would sell squid, sea weeds, crabs etc... yes life was simple. And on weekends my uncle Eddie would visit us and take us to the beach, then we'd swim all day and we'd get sun burns Lol,.
But back then I thought I was too big for this town, so after high school I went to Manila for college...
and after 8 years here..,now I realize how beautiful living in that tropical place was.. relaxed and easy, that's life, no stress.

The cost of living is cheap, you can live less than a dollar a day if you want , or if your really cheap you can catch your own meal. It's a unique and humble way to live.  People are friendly and always smiling, especially if your a foreigner, don't know why but the locals especially in the rural areas are very fund of foreigners.

 Life is slow and fast. Slow because you feel like nothing's changing just a slow relax phase on a Monday morning then all the sudden you realize's Friday again. That's what I mean by slow and fast.

'cause life in a tropical place is pretty so relaxed. You almost have nothing to worry about, it's like God telling you everything's gonna be alright.

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