Moving to a Tropical beach


So you want to move to a tropical place,. and your query brought you to my blog. Welcome. =)
Before I go and share my knowledge about living in a tropical place, ask yourself this. Why do you want to live in a place like this? You must have the right reasons and right motivation for coming here, not just because you read it on the internet or you had some friend tell you how great it is living here.

These are some things you want to consider, and think about.

1. Country- Where do you want to live? Al tough it sounds romantic and exciting to just point your finger on the world map, but come on, you have to think of it really well. Different tropical countries have something a little different to offer, in terms of culture food, language, weather etc... but your thinking of coconuts and beaches. You should consider places in the Pacific like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Guam, Hawaii etc...
The good news is of your European or American your currency could go a long way living in some of these places.

(You'll live in a place like this if want to save)

2. Place to live- In my country (Philippines) you're not aloud to buy your own real estate, not unless your a Filipino citizen, you can buy a condominium but that's about it.., but you can real estate in Malaysia and Indonesia with no problem if your a foreigner.
Anyway what type of place do you want to stay in? Would you like to live in beach resort or just a plane beach and mingle with the locals both are possible.
How about the house you want to stay in? Is it lavish chateaus, a small beach house, an apartment a hut, .. etc.. you have to consider that. The rent in a residential place close to a beach is $35-$100 a month, anything higher than a $100 and you can consider yourself being ripped-off, regardless of what country here in the Pacific, you'll have electricity  toilet, small kitchen and bed.
The rule of thumb is the poorer the country the less rent you pay. I suggest Philippines or Malaysia, Philippines because everybody speaks English and Malaysia 'cause of the better service, like going to the neatest hospital 'cause you got poisoned by a jelly fish.

3. Food- Say goodbye to cheese burger from Burger King and pizza from Pizza hut, you won't have any. You see if you'll be living in a beach most likely it will be in a rural area. I suggest you stay away from the local street food for a while, not unless you want to crap water for a week. The locals are used to the bacteria in those food don't try it,. 'cause honestly I know eating fresh fish, crabs and other sea foods might sound romantic but you can live-off this type of food for months, what more the rest of your life you'll eventually be malnourished.. and believe me you'll be looking for the food your used to,


 4. Living there- Yeah, living in beach house can be really cheap. You can catch your own meal if you like
sounds exciting right!?, it can get boring and hungry at times..sitting down doing nothing, especially at around 9:00AM-3:30PM, 'cause the sun can be a bitch.

You have questions? Email me. =)

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