Vigan City review

What can I say about Vigan?
I stayed in the city last Feb 23-28, 2015
Vigan is great, the streets are clean and the old buildings are awesome but aside from that, there's nothing much to do in Vigan. I stayed there for five days and I can say that it kinda get's "old" looking at the buildings. What you can do in Vigan is eat,.. the restaurants serve appetizing  food that appeals to any nationality, the native cuisine is a mixture of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese
and all Vigan, I highly suggest Cafe Leona, the food their is awesome and is truly Vigan.
If you wanna go cheap, try the empanada in the plaza., you'll be surprised of how good it is, there is a half cooked egg in the middle of the empanada and it's just yummy, and it only cost 30php

Calle Crisologo (Heritage village) is tantalizing especially at night, the street is buzzing with terrorists, and you'll have nostalgic feel of the place, the downside is the souvenir shops sell the same thing, there's no variety, the street is beautiful and very romantic plus a horse ride of 150php and it's magic. =)

I stayed in Hotel Felicidad, the hotel is really clean and the hostesses are really nice. There is a buffet in the morning, and there's a waitress named Lory  and she is gorgeous haha.. she's  of Spanish descent   and she looks like Marian Rivera. As for me here are my scores in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

Food: 9
Sighseeing: 7 'cause of limited things you can see
Extrafun- 8, you can do rappel in Vigan,ride a horse,

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